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Moderate To Severe Dry Eyes

If you are troubled with dry eyes you know how your day-to-day activities can be compromised. You must have tried many treatments so far, yet you are still looking for something different. Eyetas can promise you an effective method of relieving your symptoms of dry eyes, while improving the clinical signs of dryness and improve your vision.

Improvement of dry eyes with Omega 3 in patients with moderate to severe dry eyes

Vision improves in patients with moderate to severe dry eyes.

Georgiou, et al. 2016

Corneal fluorescein staining, a clinical sign of dry eyes, improves.

Georgiou, et al. 2016

Supportive Research

A meta-regression analysis of 17 randomised controlled studies with 3363 patients, proved the effectiveness of Omega 3 fatty acid supplementation on the significant improvement of dry eyes, including reduced corneal fluorescein staining, reduced dry eye symptoms and increased tear break up time.

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